Dryer Vent Cleaning in Palm Desert, CA and Surrounding Areas

Your gas or electric clothes dryer adds convenience to your life in Coachella Valley. Without proper care, however, it can pose a fire hazard for you and your property. Lack of proper maintenance is the leading cause of the thousands of dryer fires that occur in the U.S. each year. Dryer vent cleaning from Palm Desert Air Conditioning and Heating Co. can help safeguard your family. This affordable service improves the safety, performance and efficiency of your hard-working appliance.


Signs You Need Dryer Vent Cleaning

Whenever you use your clothes dryer, lint collects on the filter. Even if you clean the lint trap regularly, particles get into the dryer vent as well. This impacts the efficiency of the appliance, increasing operating costs. Clogs and obstructions also raise the interior temperature of the vent to dangerous levels. Humidity levels rise too, creating damaging moisture in the equipment. Signs that you have an obstructed or clogged dryer vent include:

  • Your clothes take a long time to dry.
  • The top of the dryer is overheated.
  • Clothes feel hotter than normal after drying.
  • You notice an unusual or foul smell.
  • Moisture stains appear at the back of the dryer.

Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

At Palm Desert Air Conditioning and Heating, our service technicians use specialized equipment to clean your dryer vent. First, we inspect the vent and damper to determine the extent of the problem. We cover the surrounding area to protect it from lint, dust and debris. Working with practiced precision, we insert a wire brush attached to a flexible cord to sweep the vent clean. After cleaning the equipment, we test the vent for proper operation. Before we sign off on the job, we make sure that we leave everything clean and tidy.

Adding Up the Benefits

Fire prevention is by far the greatest advantage of regular dryer vent cleaning. A clean duct also lets you dry your clothes more quickly, saving you money on energy costs. Obstructions cause dryers to overheat, resulting in otherwise avoidable repairs and replacements. Our professional vent cleaning is an investment that rewards you with safe and efficient operation over the life of the equipment.

Palm Desert Air Conditioning and Heating is your trusted source for dryer vent cleaning. Our dedication to customer service has earned us a reputation for quality that no other company can match. To enjoy the full benefits of your household dryer, contact our service technicians today!

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