Why Is My Furnace Making Strange Noises in Indio, CA?

You probably don’t think much of your furnace on a day-to-day basis unless it starts acting differently than normal or making strange noises. Some furnace noises are normal, while others signify the need to call an HVAC professional in Indio, CA. In this article, we discuss some common noises that might come from your furnace and the likely culprit behind each one.


A whistling sound coming from your heater is typically caused by some sort of airflow blockage. Potential causes include a clogged air filter, closed air vents, an object lodged in your ductwork or even a furnace that’s too big for your home. In some cases, whistling signifies a problem with the heating system itself that might need repairing by an HVAC tech.


Banging sounds may come from the thin metal on your ductwork expanding when heat passes through them, which is not something that should worry you. It can also mean your heating system is igniting slower than it should. Potential causes of this include dirty burners or a weak pilot light.


A humming noise coming from your furnace usually isn’t a cause for concern and can happen when the burner first ignites. If the humming noise continues for the entire heating cycle and is quite loud, your fan or motor might be running harder than they need to and breaking down.


When the blower bearings wear out due to age, your furnace may make a loud grinding sound during operation. Call us as soon as possible if you hear this noise, as a furnace that continues to function in this manner risks worse damage and a costly replacement.

Those loud noises coming from the furnace making you suspect the need for a repair? Give us a call at Palm Desert Air Conditioning and Heating Co. and we’ll make sure to set you up an appointment for furnace inspection and repair.

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