Why Is Cold Air Coming Out of My Furnace in Palm Desert, CA?

As outside temperatures begin dropping, it’s a sign that winter is arriving in Palm Desert, CA. During this time of the year, no one wants to step inside a house or office with a malfunctioning furnace. Here are a few reasons cold air is coming out of your furnace.

Wrong Thermostat Settings

If cold air circulates throughout your building, take a moment to check your thermostat. Set your thermostat’s switch to “Heat” if it’s currently on “Cool.” It’s also a good idea to set your blower to “Auto” instead of “On.”

You Need a New Air Filter

It’s also imperative to replace your air filters regularly. If not, you’ll have clogged air filters that have to work harder than normal to circulate warm air. When this trend continues, it often leads to your furnace kicking itself off to avoid overheating.

Dirty Flame Sensor

Another common reason furnaces blow out cold air is because their flame sensors are dirty or otherwise damaged. With that in mind, solving this problem typically requires opening up your furnace. Therefore, it’s best to contact heating repair services to fix a dirty or damaged flame sensor.

A Breaker Tripped

Sometimes, electric furnaces blow out cold air because of a tripped breaker. To solve this problem, check your home’s breaker and check if the switch connected to your furnace points to the on position. If not, try flipping the switch from “off” to “on” to see if this fixes your problem.

If you need a professional to inspect your furnace, contact Palm Desert Air Conditioning and Heating Co. We understand how important it is to feel the warm air from a properly functioning furnace. Call us to have a heating system expert repair your furnace and get it blowing out warm air again.

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