Understanding the Importance of Indoor Air Quality in Indio, CA

One of the most critical factors of maintaining a healthy home environment is indoor air quality. Several sources of air pollution can negatively affect your household. Read on to learn about the dangers and risks associated with your home’s air quality in Indio, CA.

Common Pollutants

Many airborne particles aren’t healthy for your respiratory system. Particles including allergens, pet dander and dust can cause a variety of negative symptoms. Even indoors, pollen can become an issue, producing watery eyes, congestion and frequent sneezing.

Dangerous and Nearly Undetectable Pollutants

A few more nefarious air pollutants can enter your home and do far worse than create a stuffy nose. The American Cancer Society reports that prolonged exposure to radon gas, for instance, can lead to lung cancer. The Environmental Protection Agency notes that both carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide are odorless and invisible but can cause a range of health problems.

How Harmful Substances Get Inside the Home

There are a few ways that air pollutants from outside can infiltrate the home. First, whenever you open a door or window, these substances have an opportunity to invade your interior space from the outside. Second, new materials you bring into the home, such as furniture or building supplies during a renovation, can release chemicals into the air.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

To provide a healthy breathing environment in your home, healthy outdoor air must continually replace the harmful indoor air. Without a high level of air circulation, breathing in your home becomes more and more unhealthy. It’s wise to include these in your routine:

  • Maintaining a cleaning schedule
  • Replacing your HVAC filters regularly
  • Closing your windows if you smell smoke outside or it’s pollen season

Our team can help you find the air purifiers, cleaners and humidifiers you need to improve the indoor air in your Indio, CA, home. Contact us at Palm Desert Air Conditioning and Heating Co. for healthy indoor air solutions.

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