The Benefits of Using an Air Purifier in Your Palm Desert Home

An air purifier can make your Palm Desert, California, home healthier and more comfortable. Today’s airtight homes prevent the loss of heated and cooled air. At the same time, insufficient ventilation encourages airborne contaminants to collect indoors. These particles can create or aggravate respiratory conditions and cause serious illness. Poor IAQ can cause other problems as well.

Improving Indoor Air Quality Reduces Stress

Along with providing fresher and healthier air, an air purifier can make your life less stressful. Studies have shown that people who breathe polluted air are more stressed than those who breathe clean air. Breathing purified air lowers cortisol levels. That, in turn, reduces your stress level and helps you to relax. Reduced stress can improve productivity, and that can also reduce stress.

Air Purifiers Protect Those Who Are at Risk

Children, the elderly, and those with chronic illnesses are most vulnerable to the harmful effects of indoor air pollution. Their immune systems are weaker and less able to defend against microbes and allergens. They also spend most of their time indoors, and that increases their exposure to airborne toxins.

IAQ Service Makes Your Home More Sanitary

Polluted indoor air can harbor biological growth, viruses, and other particles that cause illness. These particles are invisible to the eye. Thus, indoor air can be highly polluted with no one being any the wiser. Indoor air pollution can also cause sick building syndrome (SBS). SBS can produce chronic flu-like symptoms including nausea, sinus infections, and headaches.

Air Purifiers Can Reduce Allergic Reactions and Respiratory Distress

A high concentration of airborne pollutants like dander, dust, pollen, and mites can make existing allergies worse. These particles can even cause allergic reactions in those who are not allergy-prone. Air purifiers can help to reduce asthma attacks and can ease the symptoms of respiratory conditions like COPD.

Learn more about how air purifiers improve indoor air quality. Visit Palm Desert Air Conditioning and Heating Co. Call us today to schedule IAQ service.

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