Poor Airflow in Your Home? What You Can Do to Help

Air balance in your La Quinta, CA, home is crucial for comfort and healthy living. That may not be the case when your HVAC system has problems. Here we’ll discuss how to improve poor airflow in the home.

Change or Clean Air Filters

Air filters often get ignored, but they play a vital role in the HVAC system. If your filter gets clogged or dirty, it’ll restrict airflow. That leads your unit to work harder, which ends up using more energy and requiring frequent repairs.

Air filters with higher MERV ratings may also be the reason for reduced airflow. HVAC experts recommend changing the filters every month, depending on the HVAC usage and filter type. Talk to your HVAC contractor before buying new filters.

Check for Duct Leakages

One common reason for poor airflow is duct leakage. The leaks let the conditioned air escape and weaken the inside pressure, reducing the airflow. The leaks are tiny holes and cracks and need special equipment and skills to find and fix.

While a single hole may not severely affect the system’s efficiency, multiple holes will affect performance. Schedule regular maintenance checks with a professional technician to address the issue.

Check and Fix Blocked or Clogged Ductwork

Clogged or blocked ducts also contribute to airflow problems. The tech should check whether any materials or objects are blocking the airflow. When installing air vents, technicians ensure they are the right size to carry a specified amount of air.

Anything that compromises these configurations may cause a change in airflow. For example, accumulated dust and debris reduce the ducts’ ability to carry air. Have them checked and cleared when necessary.

Check and Remove Anything Blocking the Vents

The HVAC system delivers conditioned air to the rooms through vents. If those vents get blocked, it’ll restrict airflow.

While this may not be an issue in empty rooms, it could be a problem in rooms with furniture and cabinets. Check that nothing is blocking the vents or restricting airflow.

If your home isn’t getting enough fresh air, it can lead to several problems. From the growth of allergens to poor indoor air quality, it can impact your health and comfort. For more information on HVAC services, contact the professionals at Palm Desert Air Conditioning and Heating Co.

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