Learn About Some Perks of Variable-Speed Heat Pumps

Homeowners in Indian Wells, CA love variable-speed heat pumps for giving them the best of both worlds. These systems are all about providing exceptional comfort, efficiency, and affordability.

Advanced Technology

Older heat pumps have two speeds: on and off. When the indoor temperature varies sufficiently from the thermostat setting, the system cycles on. When the desired temperature is reached, the system cycles off, and the process continues indefinitely. Variable-speed systems monitor real-time indoor temperatures and make continual adjustments to output to maintain the thermostat setting.

Superior Energy Efficiency

It takes more energy for a heat pump to cycle on and off than it does to keep it running. A variable-speed heat pump runs slowly and continuously to maintain the desired temperature. That saves energy and eliminates fluctuating temperatures and uncomfortable blasts of icy-cold air.

Exceptional Savings on Utility Costs

The energy savings keep utility bills manageable year-round. In fact, the Department of Energy reports that a variable-speed heat pump upgrade can save homeowners $500 annually. No matter how hot the Palm Desert summers get, a variable-speed heat pump will keep your house reliably cool and comfortable.

Outstanding Indoor Comfort

Single-stage units cannot keep indoor air temperatures consistent. It might feel like cool fronts are passing through your house. Some rooms may feel warm just before a single-stage AC cycles on. With variable-speed systems, cycling off or on is an exception instead of a given. With a slow running speed, the unit can maintain the desired temperature by making constant incremental adjustments that keep temperatures precisely at the thermostat setting.

Extended Lifespan

Constant cycling on and off takes a huge toll on single-stage heat pumps. Variable-speed systems aren’t subjected to such rough treatment, so they stay in the game longer. These systems are strong, sturdy and built to last.

At Palm Desert Air Conditioning and Heating Co, we believe in your comfort. Learn more about a professional HVAC installation and why variable-speed heat pumps are the best deal going.

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