How to Know If You Need a New AC in Cathedral City, CA

Your air conditioner is essential in your Cathedral City, CA, home. It helps you enhance your comfort. Over time, wear and tear occur, decreasing the effectiveness of your AC unit. Here are a few signs that your AC needs a replacement.

1. Frequent Repairs

While AC repairs are necessary from time to time, frequent repairs and a rise in maintenance costs could suggest that your HVAC system is so old that it needs complete replacement. When repairs change from replacing capacitors and contactors to fixing parts such as coils and compressors, opting for a new system will not only help you save money but also improve your home’s comfort.

2. Uneven Temperatures in Your Rooms

A perfectly functioning air conditioner should maintain uniform temperatures across your home. However, drastic temperature differences between rooms could be a sign that your air conditioner may soon tap out.

3. High Utility Bills

The efficiency of your air conditioner drops as it ages. An inefficient AC unit needs more energy and time to attain your desired home temperatures. The more power the system uses, the higher your energy bills are. Replacing an old AC with a new one might help you save 20-40% on utility bills.

4. Poor Indoor Air Quality

When an AC system experiences wear and tear, its ducts may become leaky, allowing stale air into your home. Filters also stop working efficiently. If your indoor air has dust particles or pollen grains, it could be a sign that your air conditioner’s lifespan is nearing the end.

5. Old Age

If your AC has operated for more than a decade, consider replacing it. Most systems wear down after 15 years, so it’s more cost-effective to install a replacement than keep making repairs.

When you upgrade your AC unit, our experts can help you settle on an air conditioner that meets the standards of your home. Contact our team at Palm Desert Air Conditioning and Heating Co. today for reliable AC installation.

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