How Airflow Affects the Efficiency of Your AC System

Plenty of factors can affect the performance of the air conditioner in your Cathedral City, California, home, including airflow. Your air conditioner depends on unrestricted airflow to function correctly, which means blockages can cause major problems with your system. Here’s how airflow affects the efficiency of your air conditioner and some solutions for maintaining airflow.

Making Your System Work Harder

Maintaining unrestricted airflow in your system is key if you want your air conditioner to perform as efficiently as possible. When there’s a blockage in your system that restricts airflow, your air conditioner will need to work significantly harder to circulate air through your house and maintain your desired temperature.

Because restricted airflow forces your air conditioner to use more energy than it normally would, you will likely see an increase in your energy bills. In addition to affecting efficiency, restricted airflow can also impact your comfort. Blockages in your ductwork may prevent cool air from circulating as effectively to certain areas of your home, leading to noticeable hotspots.

How to Maintain Airflow

Now that you know the different ways lack of airflow can affect the efficiency of your air conditioning system, it’s time to learn about a few ways to promote airflow. First, you should make sure to regularly change your air filter. Dirty air filters will block air from moving through your home as easily as it should.

In addition, you can have your ductwork professionally inspected and cleaned. An air conditioning technician can clear your ductwork of any blockages and can also identify leaks that may impact the performance of your air conditioner.

If you’re ready to have your ductwork cleaned, call the professionals at Palm Desert Air Conditioning and Heating Co. today at 760-610-0297. Our skilled technicians can help you make sure airflow isn’t restricted so your air conditioner performs efficiently.

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