Debunking 3 Myths About Air Conditioners in Indian Wells, CA

It’s safe to say that air conditioners are indispensable to just about every Indian Wells, CA homeowner. Despite needing them to deal with the oppressive desert heat, some homeowners still believe myths about ACs and how they work. Here, we’ll debunk three common myths about air conditioners and reveal the truth behind them.

1. The Lower You Turn Down Your Thermostat, the Faster Your Home Will Cool

Although this is untrue, superficially, it seems intuitively plausible. Lowering the thermostat to try to force the AC to work faster usually ends up wasting energy. It usually ends up making homes colder than what is comfortable.

The truth is that HVAC systems heat and cool buildings according to a set rate. It can only pump conditioned air into your home at a fixed volume per unit of time.

2. Thermostat Placement Is Not Important

Alas, this is also untrue, as the temperature in your home is unlikely to be completely uniform. In fact, some areas are almost certain to be slightly warmer or colder than others. However, significant differences in temperature are an indication that something may be wrong.

If the thermostat receives direct sunlight, is near windows or doors, or is near heat-generating appliances, the temperature reading will not reflect the rest of the home. Professional technicians will offer guidance as to the best places to hang your thermostat when they install your AC.

3. Bigger Is Always Better

It may seem logical that a larger AC unit will be more powerful and, therefore, be able to cool your residence more effectively. By the same token, you might think a smaller unit will use less energy. However, neither case is necessarily true.

A technician can suggest an AC system that will accommodate the layout and square footage of your building. If the unit is too large for your home, it will likely cycle too frequently and waste energy. An under-sized system may have to run constantly, wasting energy, and may be unable to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Now that you know the information above, you’ll be better equipped to select and enjoy your AC system. For excellent AC services in Indian Wells, CA, call Palm Desert Air Conditioning and Heating Co., and let us keep you cool.

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