Call Us for These 3 Common Heat Pump Issues in Indio, CA

Your heat pump should keep you and your family comfortable by regulating your home’s temperature to your liking. However, your system may stop working as optimally as you want for various reasons. We have covered common heat pump issues that you could be experiencing in Indio, CA.

1. Your Unit Isn’t Cooling Your Home

It might be uncomfortable to stay in your house when it’s extra warm and your heat pump is not functioning. If your heat pump is dirty or clogged, it cannot efficiently conduct the heat exchange process. Also, if the refrigerant is leaking or the levels are too low, your heat pump may be unable to cool your home.

If you have keyed in your preferred temperature on your thermostat and you don’t notice any change, your thermostat could be the problem. The device could have electrical issues or fail to detect your home’s temperature accurately. One of our professional technicians will diagnose the problem and recommend the necessary repairs.

2. Your Heat Pump Won’t Shut Down

Ideally, your heat pump should work in 2-3 cycles per hour. However, if your unit has issues, it will run continuously. If you have put in extremely high or low thermostat settings, your heat pump will run throughout to achieve the set temperature.

Also, a damaged compressor contactor can cause your system to run continuously. A dirty air filter will also interfere with your heat pump’s performance. Dirt and debris limit continuous airflow, prompting your unit to run for long hours to achieve the temperature set on the thermostat.

3. Your System Turns On/Off Frequently

You may notice your system turns on and off more than three times in an hour, which is abnormal. A clogged filter could be the cause of this situation. Also, your thermostat could be failing to read your home’s temperature correctly, causing it to send wrong signals to your heat pump.

Consider cleaning your filter often and replacing it every 90 days to avoid expensive heat pump repairs. You can also have a technician troubleshoot and fix your thermostat to ensure it’s communicating efficiently with your heat pump.

Reach out to our professional and highly dedicated team at Palm Desert Air Conditioning and Heating Co. for reliable heat pump services this spring. We invest in our staff and quality equipment to ensure you get the best service.

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