5 Signs You’re Losing Money to an Inefficient HVAC System

An efficient HVAC system can provide you with the optimum level of comfort in your La Quinta, CA, home. If your system is inefficient, it’ll waste energy and raise your utility costs. Telltale signs of an inefficient system, like inadequate cooling or unusually high energy bills, can help you identify the issue so you can fix it.

1. An Aging Unit

If your HVAC system is approaching 10 years old, that may be the reason for its inefficient performance, and it may be time for an upgrade. Since the average lifespan of an HVAC unit is 10 to 15 years, it uses more energy and requires more frequent repairs after a decade.

2. High Energy Bills

If you’re noticing high energy bills, the reason could be a system malfunction or general wear and tear, causing the unit to consume more energy to cool your space. A professional inspection can help identify the issue.

3. Insufficient or Spotty Cooling

If you notice that the room temperature isn’t cool enough or the air conditioner is staying on longer than usual, the refrigerant may need replenishing, or there could be a leak.

If you’re experiencing hot or cold spots within your space, there may be a problem with the smooth distribution of air within the duct network. This could be due to clogs or leaks that require immediate repair by an HVAC technician.

4. Dirty Air Filters

If you haven’t changed your air filters as scheduled, clogs and grime could interrupt the smooth airflow and force the unit to work harder and consume more energy.

5. Faulty Thermostat

Suppose you’ve set your thermostat according to your usual preference, but the room temperature is not at the ideal level. In that case, there could be a problem with the thermostat sensor or its general mechanism.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, contact Palm Desert Air Conditioning and Heating Co. for AC repairs. Our technicians will perform diagnostics with our state-of-the-art equipment and provide you with an honest estimate for the work you need.

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