5 Potential Reasons for Uneven HVAC Airflow in Palm Desert, CA

Your Palm Desert, CA home only evenly heats and cools when there’s adequate and balanced airflow. However, sometimes that balance goes awry. Discover five potential reasons for your home’s uneven HVAC airflow.

1. Clogged Air Filters

Neglected and clogged air filters account for the many instances of uneven airflow around homes. Plan to inspect them every month for central air systems and expect to change them as frequently as every 30 days. For ductless systems, plan to clean the reusable filters every two weeks.

2. Ductwork Issues

For central systems, you may have problems with the ducts that transport the conditioned air throughout your home. These problems range in severity and may include:

  • Damaged ducts
  • Disconnected ductwork
  • Improper installation

3. Closed or Blocked Vents

Conditioned air cannot circulate throughout your home if it can’t flow from your vents. Keep all of your vents open, even in rooms that you don’t use all the time. Ensure that each vent has adequate clearance, which is a minimum of six inches above and around the vent.

4. Improper Balance

Airflow balancing in your HVAC system deals with how much supply airflow your system has compared to return airflow. Your system distributes air by creating positive pressure at the supply vents and negating pressure at the return vents. If you don’t have enough return capacity, the system won’t create the proper pressure difference, reducing circulation around your home.

5. Problematic Circulating Fan

The circulating fan is the primary component responsible for moving air around your home and through the HVAC system. If it’s wearing out, experiencing a mechanical issue, or it’s simply dirty, it may not produce the proper airflow. A technician will inspect and test your blower motor and wheel during routine HVAC maintenance.

Make sure that stressed components don’t reduce your HVAC system’s heating or cooling efficiency. Call to schedule your AC or heating repair services with the trusted technicians at Palm Desert Air Conditioning and Heating Co.

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