4 Health Risks of Dirty Air Ducts in Palm Springs, CA

Getting your air ducts cleaned is essential to improving your indoor air quality and home comfort. Dirty air ducts may lead to serious health problems if you fail to schedule duct cleaning service. Here are four potential health risks of not having your air ducts cleaned in Palm Springs, CA.

1. Worsen Preexisting Conditions

Dirty air ducts may worsen the condition of family members who suffer from allergies or asthma attacks. Allergens, dirt and debris circulating in the ducts can increase the frequency of these attacks. Duct cleaning service helps improve the health of people suffering from respiratory illnesses.

2. Develop Respiratory Diseases

Dirty air ducts may cause your family to get sick more often or develop respiratory illnesses. Signs may include sneezing, coughing, headaches, running noses, nasal congestion and low-grade fevers. Having your air ducts cleaned will ensure these conditions do not develop into serious diseases.

3. Rodent and Insect Issues

Dirty air ducts make your home more susceptible to rodents and insects that may carry diseases. Their dander is also full of allergens that may further trigger allergy attacks. The rodents may also leave your air ducts through other spots and cause infections.

Rodents and insects in your ducts end up dying and decomposing. This produces odors that affect your health and home comfort. Having your air ducts professionally cleaned will help to eliminate these rodents and improve your health.

4. Cause Sinus Infections

Viruses and bacteria present in your air ducts may cause sinus infections. As your body fights against these bacterial infections, you may end up feeling tired and unwell. Ensure that you have your air ducts cleaned to eliminate the risk of developing sinus infections and improve your general health.

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