3 Thermostat Mistakes That Waste Money in Palm Desert, CA

Living in Palm Desert, CA means you can’t avoid running your air conditioner in the spring and summer, but you can at least try to minimize the cost. One area to focus on is the thermostat, which tells the AC when to switch on and off. Avoid the following three mistakes that many homeowners make with their thermostats, as they can leave you spending more than you should for cool indoor air.

1. Excessively Lowering the Setpoint

The setpoint, or temperature you set your thermostat at, should ideally be 78 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. The lower the setpoint, the longer the AC will have to run. It’s a good idea to try to keep your thermostat around 78 degrees if this is comfortable enough for you and your family.

One doesn’t normally need the setpoint to be below 70 degrees to stay comfortable; in fact, this may be rather cold. But some homeowners make the mistake of lowering the setpoint to an extreme temperature in the belief that this makes the AC blow out faster. It does no such thing because ACs are single-speed.

2. Keeping the Same Setpoint

On the other hand, don’t always keep the setpoint at 78 degrees. There are at least two times when you should raise the temperature: when the house is empty and when everyone is asleep. Experts recommend raising it a good five to eight degrees.

3. Shutting Off the Thermostat

Whatever you do, don’t make it so that the AC never runs. Even if you go on vacation for a week, have the AC run occasionally, or else the extreme heat and humidity will damage your home. Our company deals in indoor air quality systems and knows how important AC is to clean air as well.

Contact Palm Desert Air Conditioning and Heating Co. today for quality maintenance, including thermostat calibration. Our technicians will make sure you’re using your thermostat in an energy-efficient manner.

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