3 Signs You Need a New Thermostat in Palm Springs, CA

Your thermostat is the backbone of your HVAC system, as it controls all its functions. If this device malfunctions, your system may behave erratically. To ensure your Palm Springs, CA home remains comfortable, look out for three signs you need a new thermostat so you can quickly address the problem.

1. Your HVAC System Won’t Turn On

If your HVAC system won’t turn on, then this should lead you to wonder about the condition of your thermostat. Of course, you should know that other issues, such as clogged air filters and malfunctioning blowers or fans, might also cause this problem. However, if you call an HVAC repair technician to examine your system and they find that your system is in decent shape, your thermostat is probably to blame for what’s happening.

If your thermostat is the culprit, there are several reasons that it will refuse to start up your HVAC system. Two of the most common reasons include faulty wiring and the thermostat reaching the end of its lifespan.

2. Your HVAC System Won’t Turn Off

A malfunctioning thermostat can also cause the opposite problem to occur. HVAC systems should generally turn on when the temperature in your home is not at the level that you’ve set on your thermostat, run for 15-20 minutes, shut down for another 20 minutes or so, and repeat the process until the temperature is correct. If your HVAC system runs perpetually, it is possible that your thermostat is not sending the signal for your system to shut down.

3. Wrong Temperature Readings

If your thermostat registers a certain temperature even though you can feel that your home is nowhere near that point, then it may be time to replace your thermostat. Without being able to correctly read temperatures, a thermostat will consistently issue wrong commands to your HVAC system.

It simply won’t be possible for you to stay comfortable in Palm Springs, CA this winter without a reliable thermostat. If you notice even one of these signs, call Palm Desert Air Conditioning and Heating Co. and ask us about our controls and thermostats.

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