3 Common Dryer Vent Issues You Should Try to Avoid

The clothes dryer makes it much easier to do laundry in your Palm Desert, CA, home. Although clothes dryers are convenient, they do require regular maintenance and inspections for energy-efficient and safe operation. Consider these three common dryer vent issues and how you can avoid them.

Lint Buildup

Lint buildup is the most common cause of clothes dryer fires. After each load of laundry, remove and clean the lint trap. Once each month, remove the screen and wash it with a soft-bristled brush and biodegradable dish soap. The Department of Energy recommends using your vacuum’s extension nozzle to remove lint that falls to the bottom of the trap. Do this once per month. This routine cleaning prevents the dryer from overheating and improves its energy efficiency.

Blocked Vent Exhaust

Even if you regularly clean the lint trap, some lint will still get into the dryer’s duct and vent. Lint buildup could eventually block the vent. This prevents the dryer’s exhaust from ventilating to the outdoors. It’s also possible for birds or rodents to build a nest in the exterior vent opening. They choose this area because of the warm air. Once each month, check the vent’s exhaust for blockage, and remove any debris with a wet/dry vacuum. If your dryer still has the foil style of duct and vent, consider replacing it with a new, semi-rigid metal duct that meets current building code.

Jammed Exhaust Flap

Most dryers have a flap at the end of the vent. The flap stays closed when the dryer isn’t running. This prevents outdoor air from getting into your home. A jammed exhaust flap prevents the exhaust gases from leaving your home. Most of the time, lint causes the jam to flap. Regular dryer vent cleaning prevents this problem.

To learn more about dryer vent problems, check out Palm Desert Air Conditioning and Heating Co.’s dryer vent cleaning services, or call us today for additional details.

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