3 Benefits of Upgrading Your Furnace in La Quinta, CA

When replacing the furnace in your La Quinta, CA home, it’s easy to wonder if the cost of a new system is worth it. Fortunately, there are many benefits of upgrading to a new furnace, especially if yours is nearing 20 years old. We go over the most notable advantages of investing in a new furnace below.

1. Improved Comfort

Furnaces today are designed to be compatible with zoning systems, which allow you to direct heated air to specific areas of your home. This feature can reduce cold spots and ensure each area of your home is the same temperature. Features vary by the manufacturer, so it’s important to talk to your HVAC tech about what to expect from your newly installed furnace.

2. Improved Efficiency

Newly designed furnaces are more efficient today thanks to advancements in heating technology, such as variable speed motors. These use sensors to determine the amount of air your home needs circulating, which improves airflow and can keep your home at a consistent temperature.

3. Quiet Operation

As furnaces age, they will naturally make more noise when they run. While maintenance can greatly reduce noise by keeping equipment in good shape, it may not make a big difference in older systems. A new furnace will operate more quietly so you can enjoy warm air in your La Quinta, CA home without noise bothering you.

Enjoy a Better Furnace in Your Home

A new furnace will be a worthwhile investment in your La Quinta, CA home for the reasons above and many more. While finding the right furnace and having it installed can be overwhelming, we can help. Call our techs at Palm Desert Air Conditioning & Heating Co. today to simplify the process with expert furnace installation and advice.

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