What Are Programmable Thermostats and Do They Work in La Quinta, CA?

The thermostat is one of the most important parts of your home’s heating and cooling system. Modern thermostats are more precise, and they provide more control options than older, single-option models. Keep reading to learn more about programmable thermostats and how well they work in La Quinta, CA.

What Is a Programmable Thermostat?

A programmable thermostat offers a combination of preprogrammed settings and adjusts the temperature based on those settings so that they will go into effect at the scheduled times throughout the day and night. Some programmable thermostats come with preprogrammed settings to help keep temperatures regulated. More often, however, the homeowner chooses their own settings.

How Do Programmable Thermostats Work?

Many programmable thermostats provide a wide range of convenient features, including voice command capabilities. These updated amenities make it possible for the homeowner to control the HVAC system’s activity with minimal effort. Many of these more streamlined capabilities mean significant savings on utility bills.

Some of the most popular types of updated HVAC controls let you program ahead for a full seven days. This is convenient when families go away on vacation. During this time, the thermostat can be remotely set to turn on the cooling or heating system during daytime and nighttime hours, when the temperatures tend to be warmer or cooler, respectively.

WIFI models go even further, allowing you to control them remotely. By downloading an app or program on your smartphone, laptop, or another electronic device, you can change the settings on your programmable thermostat from virtually anywhere. This is a handy feature to have when you would like to have your home a bit warmer or cooler when you get there.

Why Choose a Programmable Thermostat?

Modernize your home’s HVAC control system and enjoy the ability to save money and energy by cutting back on use when no one is home. Thanks to the programmable settings, your system will adjust automatically to comfortable temperatures when it’s time for everyone to return home. This provides the added benefit of saving money on your energy bills while enjoying coming home to a perfectly heated or cooled house.

Programmable thermostats work to improve your home’s comfort and sustainability in many ways. You will enjoy these benefits once you upgrade to a digital thermostat:

  • Less demand on older HVAC systems – A programmable thermostat works with the other components of your HVAC system to reduce the workload on older heating and cooling systems, allowing them to continue working effectively and extending their life.
  • Better temperature control from multi-story homes – A programmable thermostat in a home with more than one level works with a zoned HVAC system to allow separate temperatures to be set for different areas and are off in rooms that aren’t in use.
  • Improved indoor air quality – Having the ability to control your HVAC system’s settings at all times, including when the home is empty and during the night when everyone is sleeping, makes it possible to keep indoor temperatures at recommended healthy levels, which is conducive to maintaining good indoor air quality.

Automatic Temperature Settings Are Optional

Even though one of the key components of programmable thermostats is the ability to schedule automatic changes to take place at various times during the day and night, the use of this feature is entirely optional. A digital thermostat will still perform more efficiently and benefit your heating and cooling system more than an older, outdated model. Many people choose this type of thermostat because they work well with old or new HVAC systems whether programmed manually or automatically.

Let Us Update Your Home’s HVAC System

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