How HVAC Maintenance Can Help You Save on Energy in Your Home

Who wouldn’t love to save more energy on home heating and cooling? Whether you want to reduce costs or shrink your environmental impact, there are many benefits to slashing your energy consumption. One of the best ways to achieve this is through regular HVAC maintenance. Here are a few important ways keeping your HVAC system well-maintained can boost the efficiency of your Coachella Valley home.

Maintains Smooth and Efficient Operation

Drive your car for 100,000 miles without a tune-up, and you’re probably going to have some problems. You’ll likely lose gas mileage and potentially even put your car at risk of a breakdown. That’s because your car’s mechanical systems suffer considerable wear and tear during everyday operation. Mechanical parts wear against one another, lubricants break down and fluid levels eventually drop. Unfortunately, the same is true for your HVAC system.

HVAC compressors, blower motors, electrical systems and other components are bound to wear down over time. This may happen even more quickly in a relatively dry and dust-prone place like Palm Desert, California. Preventive maintenance services resolve this issue by conducting regular inspections, repairing worn parts, managing fluid levels and keeping components well-lubricated. This ensures that your HVAC system is able to operate at its maximum efficiency, delivering comfort with less energy consumption. As an added bonus, preventive maintenance can extend the service life of your system and help to prevent breakdowns.

Maximizes Your Airflow

Proper airflow is essential to an effective and efficient HVAC system. Your system must be able to deliver air exactly where it’s needed. Poor airflow can cause increased energy usage, unnecessary system wear and reduced comfort in your home. There are a number of things that can disrupt airflow and cause your system to work too hard.

Perhaps the most common energy-sapping culprit is a clogged air filter. In the Palm Desert area, airborne dust can clog your filter surprisingly quickly. This restricts airflow and produces a drop in air pressure, causing your system to work harder to maintain comfortable conditions. Replacing your filter with a new one minimizes this pressure drop, slashing your energy costs by up to 15 percent. Airflow problems may also be caused by the ducts themselves. Ductwork that isn’t installed, aligned or sealed correctly can become a major waste of energy. A routine service visit can identify these airflow problems and take steps to correct them.

Ensures Your System Is Properly Adjusted

One of the keys to an efficient HVAC system is ensuring that the system and its components are properly adjusted. Refrigerant charge levels, burners, blower systems and other components all should be adjusted to match your situation and needs. An HVAC maintenance visit is the best way to keep your system set up for efficiency. You can also realize great energy savings by keeping your thermostat adjusted properly. Professional technicians can help you coax savings of 10 percent or more from your programmable thermostat without sacrificing comfort.

A scheduled service visit is also a great time to ensure that your system is sized properly. An HVAC system that’s too big or too small for your home can waste a tremendous amount of energy. It’s especially important to evaluate your system if you’ve recently expanded or remodeled your home. A professional can help determine whether your system is up to the task of delivering comfortable, efficient heating and cooling.

No matter how you slice it, keeping your home comfortable takes a lot of energy. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t cut down on the energy you consume. Regular service visits can help you reduce energy usage, lessen your environmental impact and save money. For more on these important benefits, check out Palm Desert Air Conditioning and Heating Co.’s HVAC maintenance services or call today.

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