7 Benefits of Custom Ductwork for Your Business in Indian Wells, CA

Standard ductwork works great for a building with an average shape. Most commercial and industrial buildings need a unique HVAC duct setup. It’s cheaper to get a one-size-fits-all setup, but there are many reasons to consider custom ductwork for your business in Indian Wells, CA.

1. Increased HVAC Efficiency

Some businesses have weird building styles that standard ductwork might not fit as well. These unique features cause the ductwork to be loose or have odd bends. Custom ductwork will handle these unique sections and allow stable temperatures in your business year-round.

If custom ductwork fits your facility better, the system will run more efficiently. Your business can heat much faster without the loose-fitting sections and awkward bends in the system. Different sections of your business won’t vary in temperature, and the building will be more comfortable for everyone.

2. Easier for Technicians to Service

Every HVAC system in your home and business needs annual maintenance by our professionals. If you keep up with maintenance and inspections throughout the year, your system’s efficiency lasts much longer. Standard ductwork doesn’t consider a building’s unique shape and may be hard to regulate temperature.

Ductwork customization fits your business better and allows our HVAC technicians to service the ducts much easier. Depending on your business setup, the HVAC system could be behind the building or on the roof. Ductwork customization allows our experts to handle inspections, maintenance and cleaning faster.

3. Longer HVAC Lifespan

Your HVAC system has an average lifespan of about 10 years. Using custom ductwork allows your system to run smoother for longer. Standard ductwork that’s the wrong size for your building will add stress to the HVAC system.

Extra stress on your HVAC system will cause issues and age the system faster than normal. Even with a proper maintenance schedule, a stressed system will need repairs more often. Custom ductwork is the proper size for your system and avoids unnecessary stress, which results in higher efficiency and smoother operation.

4. Lowers Your Energy Bills

Custom ductwork helps you save money on energy bills by fitting your business needs. The gaps and loose-fitting sections on standard one-size-fits-all ductworks allow air to leak, which wastes energy. Air that escapes into walls through leaks will waste your money.

A leaky section of the duct can reduce your HVAC system efficiency by up to 20%. Depending on the location of the leak, air could move into your walls and floor. Properly fitting ductwork allows the system to work less to heat or cool your facility.

5. Custom Ductwork Is Unique for Each Business

Our technicians are always ready to help you design the best custom ducts for your business. We build custom ductwork by first checking all units of your HVAC system and then checking for leaks. This custom design ensures we optimize your system’s efficiency and help you save on energy costs.

By measuring the rooms of the facility and making adjustments to the system, our technicians will help find the correct duct sizes. The extra adjustments will maximize the HVAC system’s efficiency. Other factors our technicians take into consideration include airflow, static pressure and friction rate.

6. Other Improvements to Your HVAC System

Ductwork has several aspects that are customizable in your business. This includes the radius design, duct size, wasted corners and reducing the number of right angles. Adding a larger filter box will help reduce airflow drag in your system.

The goal of an HVAC technician is to reduce the airflow drag by 100% in your home or business. If your HVAC system has zones, increasing the damper size can increase airflow in those spots. We can reduce static pressure in your system by fitting the HVAC with the correct duct size.

7. Additional Benefits of Custom Ductwork

Your commercial HVAC system can keep the correct temperature easier by using custom ductwork. Proper temperature regulation from duct customization allows your system to work with less stress. The ductwork helps the system by increasing the airflow and reducing unnecessary energy costs to your business.

Custom ductwork will balance the heating and cooling throughout your business by lowering air loss through the system. It may take up less space and make it easier to expand the ductwork and building in the future. If you or a fellow business owner need an HVAC installation or repair in Indian Wells, CA, call our technicians at Palm Desert Air Conditioning and Heating Co. to schedule an appointment.

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